1 MODERN starter set
1 MODERN starter set
1 MODERN starter set
1 MODERN starter set
1 MODERN starter set
1 MODERN starter set

1 MODERN starter set

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Modern mate tea starter set | Mate gourd + 100% organic yerba mate from Brazil

The perfect starter set for the modern "matero" (mate drinker). This variant also works great to-go and is an absolute eye-catcher in the office.

This set includes a high-quality mate basic equipment from a modern calabash, a bombilla as well as certified organic -Mate from Brazil. So you have everything you need for the traditional preparation.

The set includes:

  • 1x gourd - modern made of stainless steel with thermal insulation
  • 1x Bombilla - Mate Straw
  • 1x 100% organic mate tea - 200g
You will also find a few extra things in the package. We look forward to your feedback!

Modern gourd + bombilla:

The modern variant is double-walled, so it works like a thermos flask. This keeps your mate warm longer and your hands always cold. Our logo is lasered onto the calabash, making it dishwasher safe, as is the Bombilla. The design of the calabash and the bombilla is kept simple, but based on the traditional forms.

100% certified organic mate tea: pure leaves

Our mate tea is exclusively fair trade and we are particularly proud of that, because unfortunately this cannot be taken for granted. We only use mate tea from organic farming and its natural environment. For this we have been certified organic. Our mate trees grow in the shade of other trees and are only harvested every 2 years. On the one hand, this creates the intense taste and, on the other hand, more antioxidants and minerals develop. With the help of state-of-the-art and gentle air drying, the fresh taste is preserved.

  • 100% organic - from controlled agriculture
  • 100% fair - no exploitation of harvest workers
  • 100% natural - grown in the shade of native trees